The Guild is a startup which helps like-minded women make new connections and build a support network. The Guild uses an algorithm to connect women on a weekly or monthly basis depending on users availability.  


How do we create a fluid and easy reschedule process for our users when they can no longer attend a meeting. 

To fully understand all aspects of the problem I had to ask why? The question, "why would someone need to reschedule?" led me to discover that in addition to creating a schedule flow we needed to ask if we could also reduce the need for reschedule. 


Allow the user to reschedule for a different time either the same week or the following week that both users are available based on their availability settings.

Additionally, the onboarding process needs to supply users with specified dates and times to reduce the need to reschedule and make the above solution viable. 

Check out the clickable prototype in InVision


I started by analyzing the problem, once I discovered the problem I conducted a survey to determine days and times for possible meetings, created a reschedule flow, sketched out ideas, tested them with users, received feedback which I brought into the wireframes and lastly created a prototype. 


4 day sprint


Sole Designer


Sketch App

Discover the Problem

After asking the question "Why would someone need to reschedule?" I was able to determine that there was a larger issue during the onboarding of having the option for "flexible schedule". This option was an issue because users were not allotting time for Guild meetings and could easily schedule something at the same time. Additionally I discovered that most users needed to reschedule for the same week or the following week depending on their availability and used those insights as a basis when moving into the ideation process.


If the user is given the option to choose specific dates and times for weekly meetings then they will be less likely to reschedule.


After developing my hypothesis the first step was to create a survey to determine the best possible days and times for users.

Suggested meeting days:

Suggested meeting times:

Survey Results

Based on these options I conducted quick, informal surveys with 5 users. I asked them what days and times would work best and why?

Main takeaways:

  • Mornings were less popular
  • Users preferred tea/coffee in place of lunch because "lunch can be awkward", "it's too committal", "there are usually lots of lines", and one of my users brought up food allergies and that she can't eat most things. Another alternative is to suggest a coffee shop that also has lunch options so it doesn't feel necessary to eat but if users are hungry they can order food. 

Final meeting options for user onboarding:

The final meeting options for users were based off of survey results and user feedback. 


  • To simplify choice keep it under 6 options
  • Users will be unavailable Friday after-work 
  • Wednesday morning & lunch is too soon if one user needs to reschedule
  • Since mornings seem less popular just offer 1 time.

New Reschedule Flow

By mapping out the reschedule flow I was able to determine the necessary steps in the reschedule issue to create a happy path for the reschedule requester and requestee. 

Reschedule Flow

Develop: Ideate Solutions


Site Wireframes

 Next Steps

  • Create e-mail wireframes
  • Usability tests of new design and user flow to discover pain points
  • Look into messaging option through the site to provide users with alternate way of communicating. (Examples: Airbnb, Craigslist)