Who I am

UX Designer with extensive training in ethnography and visual design

I am a designer living and working in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

I believe design is about deconstructing real-world problems. I currently work at BrightCrowd where I am the sole UX designer and do everything from usability research to pixel perfect design.  

My priority is to create accessible and fluid user experiences while always keeping in mind company needs and goals.

I'm excited about enhancing my UI and digital illustration skills and have been doing some side projects for fun. You can see them on my Behance page.

My Process

The double diamond approach


I am driven by creativity

Before my life as a UX Designer I was a dance ethnographer and dance teacher who dabbled in freelance visual design. I am still passionate about all of these things and continue to do them on the side. My passion for research, design and dance movement led me to the field of UX where I can apply my natural curiosity and creativity to solve human problems.

Fun facts about me:

  • I brew kombucha
  • I'm learning how to play the Daf - a Persian drum with small metal rings
  • I built an archery bow from scratch and practice with it regularly
  • I love being outside