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I am a UX designer with a passion for problem solving and invisible design. I approach each project from the ground up to isolate the heart of an issue in order to pursue the correct methods that lead to a solid solution. 

My priority is to create accessible and fluid user experiences while always keeping in mind company needs and goals.

My varied background  has helped me to become an expert in understanding the needs of my user. I have a passion for research and dance movement which I pursued at UC Berkeley. I received the prestigious HAAS Scholars award to conduct an ethnographic research study in Tajikistan which included contextual inquiry and numerous interviews. Before my educational pursuit I was a professional dance artist and instructor. I taught myself Dreamweaver, basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make myself a website. I also learned Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make print materials for my career. I quickly began receiving freelance work offers in both visual design and web development which I have continued to develop over the past 5 years. My background has naturally led me to the world of UX.

I enjoy working in a collaborative team environment where the user is the central focus in all aspects of the UX process. I enjoy challenges and see them as opportunities for growth. I am an avid learner and am always actively furthering my knowledge base.